Ground rosemary: properties, benefits:

Rosemary grows spontaneously throughout the Mediterranean coast. In medieval times, once the antiseptic properties of rosemary were discovered, it was used to marinate the meat as well as to flavor it.

It is a plant rich in essential oils (pinene, conforene, limonene) flavonoids, phenolic acids , tannins, resins, camphor and also contains rosmarinic acid with an antioxidant property. In fact, many studies show the ability to inhibit superoxide anion, a very toxic and reactive free radical responsible for cell oxidation.

Rosemary helps us against stress and joint pain. It is a stimulant, good in cases of asthenia and general weakness, to relieve stress from physical and intellectual overwork. It is anti-neuralgic. It has antiseptic properties, has a good effect on flu and feverish states, calms the respiratory system in cases of asthma and cough.
Acts on the digestive system: it is stomachic (facilitates digestion), carminative (helps peristaltic movements). Finally, it also has a good effect on the bone system, as an antirheumatic (both as an infusion and as a decoction)


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