Tarragon: properties, benefits:

Tarragon has an aromatic property reminiscent of aniseed an due to the presence of estragol, it also has antiseptic, aromatic, stimulating and digestive properties: an infusion of leaves taken after meals promotes digestion and the elimination of abdominal swelling. The leaves contain minerals and vitamins A and C.

Furthermore chewing the leaves reduces the sensitivity of the taste buds, favoring the intake of bitter medicines. It also promotes the purification of the body by stimulating diuresis and combats lack of appetite. Being a natural antiseptic, it is useful against sore throat and inflammation of the oral cavity, in fact the Greeks chewed tarragon leaves to relieve toothache.

The roots give relief to sore throat and the infusion of leaves stimulates the appetite. But the therapeutic properties do not end there: it has tonic, stomachic-digestive, aperitif virtues, carminative, in infusion can also relieve insomnia. For its fresh and pungent taste, halfway between salt and pepper, it is a natural flavor enhancer, tarragon leaves can be useful for those who cannot use salt due to health problems.


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