Rooibos Orange and chocolate properties:

Rooibos or African red tea. It is still considered the national drink of South Africa. An hour after the ingestion of rooibos there is significant growth in our body of substances capable of acting against the formation of free radicals. This makes rooibos a completely natural long-lasting elixir, also suitable for those who are sensitive to the side effects of caffeine. Antiviral properties are reported to rooibos, which help the immune system act quickly to fight infections.
This makes it suitable also for children, who can benefit from taking the drink in case of nausea and stomach and intestine disorders due to its antispasmodic and digestive properties. Its calcium content guarantees the correct formation of teeth and bones in the little ones. Zinc works by strengthening nails and hair.
Rooibos is considered an adaptogenic drink, that is it is able to intervene in the organism in the moments in which it has to face an effort. It will therefore have invigorating properties if consumed in the morning or during the day and relaxing if drunk before going to sleep. This makes it suitable both if you suffer from a drop in energy and when you need to reconcile sleep.

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