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Arolla pine essential oil, like all oils derived from conifers, is best known for its invigorating and balsamic properties. Diffused in the environment or breathed in a more concentrated way, it can be used to perfume environments, for its invigorating effect or as an adjuvant against respiratory ailments.

The plant and the production of essential oil

The stone pine (also known simply as stone pine or stone pine) is a conifer that grows spontaneously in the Alps at high altitudes, but also in Siberia, the Balkans and some areas of the Central Europe. The botanical family to which it belongs is that of the Pinaceae, the genus is the Pinus, the name of the species Pinus cembra. The plant looks like an evergreen tree with a conical crown, like many "relative" species. The height can reach up to 25 m but generally stops around 15.

The needle-like leaves typical of these plants in this species are gathered in bunches of 5 and it is the only European spontaneous species with this characteristic. In this species the fertilized female cones (or cones) fall to the ground closed, the seeds (pine nuts) are released by the action of the animals, but they are edible and are also used in the confectionery industry. Also in this case the technique used to obtain the essential oil is steam distillation, the parts used are twigs and leaves (i.e. the needles).

Properties of stone pine essential oil

We have mentioned the invigorating sensation typical of very balsamic essential oils, but this does not mean that the stone pine is an stimulant, on the contrary studies have been conducted which show that the stone pine lowers the heart rate. The balsamic properties are allies for the well-being of the respiratory tract. Finally, as often happens what is pleasant for us is unwelcome to many small enemies, the essential oil of stone pine is effective against moths, molds and insects (for example, placed on doorsteps it helps to keep ants away).

How to use stone pine essential oil

In this case it is useless to divide the uses between aromatherapy and other uses, the essential oil of stone pine should not be used directly on the skin, all the properties we have seen are essentially exploited with inhalation, in a more or less concentrated way. The only use that requires some form of contact with the skin is the use in the bathtub in which breathing the scents is added therefore being immersed in water to which a few drops have been added but obviously the dilution is extreme.

The typical use is in aromatherapy diffusers which, as we always remember, in the winter season can be replaced by the homemade method represented by the radiator humidifier trays . Another typical means of diffusion is that of sticks of the same plant loaded with a few drops of essential oil. The aforementioned studies have shown that stone pine wood already boasts some of the positive effects, for example sleeping in a room lined with stone pine lowers the heart rate and promotes rest, furthermore, even before science confirmed it, it was used because it was noticed that it kept moths and mold away.
As we know, essential oil is a concentrate of properties, therefore wetting stone pine sticks with essential oil would act as an activator and amplifier, depending on the reason for using them, they can then be placed in drawers and wardrobes or maybe near where you sleep as an alternative to other methods of aromatherapy.

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