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Kōbe Ceramic Teapot

This vibrant orange teapot not only brightens up your kitchen with its design, but also allows you to prepare your tea or herbal tea correctly. Thanks to its capacity and the ability to keep the infusion hot, the teapot allows you to keep it on the table for a long time without having to reheat it. For this, it is suitable for receiving guests and serving tea; also because it pours the infusion easily thanks to the high, practical and direct spout. The comfortable wooden handle allows you to lift the teapot safely, with a traditional grip with an original design.

The teapot is not only refined in style but favors the infusion and release of aromatic substances for multiple cups of tea. It is suitable for making the oriental ritual livelier; therefore the Kobe teapot is inspired by the name of the homonymous city in Japan. It is made to be perfect as a teapot for infusions, but not for boiling water.

The beauty of this teapot is given by its decoration which combines the naturalistic theme of flowers and leaves, with exuberant and brilliant colours. A perfect synthesis inspired by the shabby chic style, which favors an artisanal and lived-in look, always original. The detail of the wooden handle and the lid with the knob make it even more sophisticated, for those who love a refined style in tea service accessories.

This teapot combines in a versatile way with classic, modern and retro interiors. It brings a pop of color and form to even minimalist kitchens, while embellishing classic living rooms with a playful element at tea time. It represents a gift choice of great visual impact, due to its exclusive shape.

It has a capacity of approximately 750ml. The teapot is easy to clean by hand, with hot water, and must be dried completely with a dry and soft cloth.

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