Flavored crystallized sugar canes can cheer up your parties, but also be a nice and colorful gift. In addition to turning tea, coffee and herbal teas, they can also be used as sugar sweets.

How to make crystallized sugar canes

The crystallization process is a particular type of solidification, that is, the process by which a liquid substance passes into a solid state. A particular type because in the crystal the molecules (or atoms, or ions) are arranged according to a regular geometric structure that is repeated in the three spatial directions indefinitely. Science aside, this is why when crystals become large enough to be seen with the naked eye they have a pleasant appearance. But how are crystals made? It exploits the property whereby the solubility of a substance in a liquid increases with increasing temperature. If you throw sugar into water and a little of this settles at the bottom it means that the solution is saturated, but if you heat it syrup the sugar will dissolve, because at a higher temperature the solubility increases (this happens because the liquid expands and therefore there is more room for the sugar molecules to distribute themselves uniformly), it is said that the solution of water and sugar has become therefore supersaturated, by letting it cool slowly the sugar molecules that are expelled from the solution will aggregate into crystals. The more saturated the solution, the slower the cooling occurs and the less it is disturbed and the higher the chance of larger crystals forming. To facilitate the process it is useful to insert a surface on which they can aggregate, which can be for example a stick but also a rope. In Persia and India, where the process was invented, both were used. However, this is a very long process that takes several days, already formed crystals can also be used as a base and this is a simple method for obtaining larger ones. To obtain naturally colored and flavored sticks, the food coloring must be added to the syrup when it is very hot so that the solution is completely uniform. You could also use fruit juice, but it should always be kept in mind that the more impurities there are in the solution, the greater the risk that the sugar will crystallize around them and not where desired. In other words, unless you have a passion for scientific experiments and a lot of patience, you should buy ready-made crystallized sugar sticks flavored with apple, orange, strawberry and lemon.

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