A gratin preparation inspired by local rustic flavours, potato flakes and parsley give a strong flavor with few ingredients, a pinch of turmeric has been added to the mix paprika to give something more exotic and slightly spicy.

Let's learn something about gratins and breading

By breading we mean the preparation based on flour or breadcrumbs used to prepare breaded (or breaded) dishes, while gratin is a cooking technique aimed at obtaining a crunchy crust on the surface of a dish. The breading mix can also be used to make gratin dishes, because the chemical processes involved are the same in both cases. Now is it clear to you why we use breadcrumbs or flour in both cases? If you want to get the tasty crust, whether it's the gratin or the breadcrumbs, you must have proteins (amino acids are the building blocks) and sugars, flour or breadcrumbs are carbohydrates, i.e. sugars. What about proteins? In vegetable gratin recipes you will always find the addition of cheese (parmesan is often used), in meat or fish gratin recipes you often don't find it, the proteins in this case are obviously already present in the food to be gratinated, but you have to be particularly careful when cooking. And what about breaded dishes? Notoriously, egg is used together with breadcrumbs, some propose using milk instead, in both cases the proteins that will interact with the sugars are guaranteed.

Where to use the gratin natura breading

This breading mix has such a strong flavor thanks to the potato flakes and with an added touch of spiciness that it can go well with any type of dish, you could use it for vegetables, white meat, red meat. The only advice we would like to give you is to refer to the general rule that if you have a particularly valuable basic dish, for example an expensive fish that you want to gratin, perhaps you will prefer to opt for a less strong soapy breading that does not cover that of the raw material . On the contrary, this breading could make otherwise more anonymous dishes special by adding a lot of flavour.


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