This breading preparation was called this because it combines the hot spices paprika and turmeric with tomato and above all with the sweet and delicate flavor of carrot, so it should satisfy the whims of most people.< /p>

What is meant by gratin

A well-cooked gratin food should have a dual nature: a tasty, crunchy crust and a center that remains soft and more moist. Perhaps you don't know that the crust that forms on the surface is the result of a series of complex chemical processes that go by the name of Maillard reaction, from the name (Louis Camille Maillard) of the French chemist and doctor who investigated them while he was interested in synthesis of proteins. Maillard described how amino acids (building blocks of proteins) reacted with sugars. Do we need to know all this to make a gratin dish? No, but if it occurred to you not to add cheese or another source of protein (such as egg which for example is added to breadcrumbs which depend on the same chemical processes) to the breadcrumbs or flour (carbohydrates, i.e. sugars) especially in vegetable gratin where proteins are not present in the dish to be gratinated unlike in meat and fish, you will not be surprised if instead of the coveted crust you get charred vegetables.

Where to use the capriccio gratin breading

We would say everywhere, certainly turmeric and paprika can be good in the gratin preparation for both meat and fish and vegetables, but on the latter the flavors are quite decisive are generally more appreciated. The general rule is obviously that where the dish is tasty and particularly valuable, there will be a tendency not to add flavors that could cover its taste, while on potato gratin for example, there will be a tendency to add flavour. But this capriccio breading sweetened by the taste of carrot could also be suitable for experimenting on fish dishes, perhaps on shellfish and seafood given the presence of tomato.


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