Three classic basic pizza flavors (tomato, oregano and rosemary) with the addition of pepper flavor a gratin breading that allows you to combine the typical taste of pizza with gratin dishes.

What is meant by gratin

Gratin is a French word, from which the Italian terms gratinare and gratinatura derive. It is not surprising that we borrowed a French term, the fact is that it was a French doctor and chemist called Louis Camille Maillard who studied the process which was later given the name Maillard reaction. Among other things, Maillard as a doctor also made an important contribution to the study of kidney problems and yet he is much better known for the reaction that is responsible for the formation of a crunchy and flavorful crust on a variety of foods. This is the result of the reaction between the amino acids contained in proteins and sugars. Gratin is a cooking technique that aims to obtain the aforementioned crunchy crust on various types of food but to maintain a dish with a softer and more moist consistency underneath. Knowing what the chemical bases are is useful to remember that if we want to make a gratin dish we will have to have both proteins and sugars, for example in sugar breading we have plenty of them, flour or breadcrumbs are carbohydrates and these are nothing more than sugar chains, so if we are going to make a meat or fish gratin we will already have the proteins in the dish, but in a vegetable gratin (for example potatoes) we will add cheese, for example,

Where to use the pizzaiola gratin breading

Obviously you can indulge yourself as you want, but when you think of tomatoes in Italian cuisine two things come to mind: pizza and pasta. Baked pasta is basically nothing more than au gratin pasta, certainly this pizzaiola breading could be used on dishes such as au gratin Bucatini pizzaiola. On the other hand, however, in this type of dish the flavors of tomato and oregano are already present and instead we want to experiment using the flavor of pizza to obtain variations of other gratin dishes. Among other things, it is not a new idea to gratin vegetable dishes au gratin, for example online you can find recipes such as asparagus au gratin au gratin, in this case you start the au gratin first, then add the tomato and put it back in the oven. oven. The pizzaiola-style breading already flavored could be a way to obtain a similar dish quickly.


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