A very tasty breading and gratin preparation designed for meat and fish dishes but which you could naturally also decide to use with vegetables.

Differences between gratinating and breading

Breading means covering something with breadcrumbs or flour before cooking it, while gratinating is a cooking technique that aims to obtain a crust that covers what you are cooking, be it meat, fish or vegetables. The goal is roughly the same, to achieve a crunchy exterior that encloses a core that maintains greater moisture and a softer texture, a combination that seems generally pleasing to any palate. Particularly interesting are the complex chemical reactions behind the process by which gratin is formed, they were studied for the first time by a French chemist. Mind you, this reaction does not only come into play in gratin dishes, it is responsible for many other wonders in the kitchen such as the much appreciated brown crust that encloses white bread. What do you need to know about these complex reactions? That these are proteins that react with sugars (remember that carbohydrates are chains of sugars), so if you want gratin and not carbonize the food, neither one nor the other should ever be missing.

What to use the bacon gratin breading with

The breading for bacon is really rich in flavours, it combines the spiciness of paprika and pepper, the flavors of mushrooms and potatoes, garlic and several spices (sage, fennel, cloves…). This breading was designed to pair with bacon but in reality it is suitable for making any meat or fish dish special. However, no one forbids using it in au gratin vegetable dishes, in fact it comes to mind that one of the most loved au gratin vegetable dishes, which we have already mentioned several times, i.e. au gratin potatoes, exists in a richer variant than the basic dish which adds to the potatoes, in addition to the cheese, essential to obtain the gratin of a vegetable dish which therefore does not contain proteins, bacon. Adding this flavorful breading instead of just breadcrumbs could make the variant even richer.


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