A preparation for gratins based on wheat flour, breadcrumbs and spinach, a breading flavored with vegetables which is an ideal complement for quickly preparing fish and meat dishes.

Gratin and breading

Breading or breading as it is known and as the word itself says consists of completely covering a food with breadcrumbs and cooking it in such a way as to obtain a uniform crunchy browning. Gratin (from the French gratin) on the other hand is a cooking technique that aims to obtain a crunchy crust that forms on top of the food which underneath it maintains a much softer consistency while retaining greater humidity. It is no coincidence that the term is French given that it was a French chemist who investigated the chemical processes underlying the gratin, so much so that they were given the name Maillard reaction from the name of the aforementioned chemist who was called Louis Camille Maillard (1878-1936). To be honest, the Maillard reaction does not only concern the gratin, it is one of the most important chemical reactions (or rather a chain of reactions) in cooking, it is responsible for example for the fact that you can have a steak with a nice crust but which retains the juices inside, or you can have a bread with a browned crust but not dry inside. In a nutshell, these are sugars that react with proteins, which is why you could only put breadcrumbs in a meat gratin but not in a pasta (or vegetable) one in which you will put (for example) béchamel.

For which recipes to use the spinach gratin breading

A breading flavored with spinach could be a clever way to accustom children who often don't like these vegetables to the flavor of spinach. Vegetable and meat gratin is often presented as a recipe for children to eat vegetables. If you don't have time or want to go step by step, you could start by simply making a gratin of meat or fish using this spinach breading. But it doesn't have to be meat, the combination of potatoes and spinach is already used, there is a recipe for a gratin of potatoes and spinach with cheese, you could (perhaps just to start) instead make the classic gratin of potatoes only but using the breading gratin with spinach.


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