This gratin preparation flavored with turmeric and paprika is a balanced mix between the spiciness given by paprika and the aroma of turmeric.

Let's discover the secrets of gratinating

Gratin, a French word, from which the terms au gratin and au gratin derive, we all know what it is, a dish that can be both vegetables, meat or fish which has a crunchy crust on the surface but which retains a so dry, this combination is pleasing to almost all palates. Gratin has a secret, a secret scientifically investigated by a French chemist whose surname was Maillard, so much so that the series of chemical processes was given the name Maillard reaction. Don't worry, nothing abstruse, the chemical processes are complex but in the kitchen what you need to know is that the famous crust is formed by the reaction between proteins and sugars. So what you need to know is? Are you gratinating vegetables? If you only add breadcrumbs (or flour) you will have carbohydrates but not proteins, so you will add, for example, cheese. Are you gratinating meat or fish? You already have proteins and animal fats, breadcrumbs alone might be enough, but adding at least a drizzle of oil might be better.

For which recipes to use the sweet yellow gratin breading

As we anticipated, the paprika+turmeric combination is balanced and in fact we find it in many recipes, both meat recipes such as chicken with paprika and turmeric, and in roasted vegetable recipes such as cauliflower with paprika and turmeric. As far as gratin recipes are concerned, there are several that use one or the other of the two ingredients, but you can always experiment! The gratin recipes that use paprika found online are mostly foreign, the most famous one, which is found in numerous variations, is the potato gratin. But there is also a recipe for crabmeat au gratin that uses paprika. In the case of gratins with turmeric we mainly find vegetable gratin dishes, for example fennel, but also potatoes. Just the fact that there are recipes for potatoes au gratin with paprika and recipes for potatoes au gratin with turmeric is further confirmation that even in breading preparations, the paprika+turmeric combination found in many recipes can be a winner.


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