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The ginger and lemon flavored breading mix goes well with fish and vegetables, but also with white meats where you want the gratin to have a sweet and sour touch.< /p>

The secrets of gratinating

Gratin dishes are pleasing to everyone's palate because they combine a superficial part, the gratin, which is crunchy and tasty while preserving (if well cooked) an interior which on the contrary has not dried out too. The term comes from the French word gratin because it was precisely in France that for the first time a chemist, fascinated by this type of cooking, scientifically studied the process that occurred during cooking. The chemist was called Louis Camille Maillard (1878-1936) and the complex series of phenomena was named after him, so much so that today it is known as the Maillard reaction. So do we have to study chemical reactions to master the kitchen? No, it's enough to know the simplified version: these are proteins that react with carbohydrates (i.e. sugars). What does this mean? That if you are gratinating meat or fish already having fats and proteins you don't have to add much to the breadcrumbs (or flour) even if a drizzle of oil can help, but if you want to gratinate vegetables and only add breadcrumbs (i.e. the carbohydrates) you will certainly get charred vegetables and not gratin.

For which recipes to use ginger and lemon breading

The combination of ginger and lemon is famous above all for its use in a healthy herbal tea, but the two ingredients are also used in combination in many recipes, from ginger risotto, to pumpkin and ginger soup, guinea fowl soup with Venus rice. As far as gratin recipes are concerned, in the recipe for pumpkin gratin ginger is added to a mixture to be blended in which, in addition to the breadcrumbs, salt, pepper, eggs are also present... in the recipe for lobster gratin, however, lemon is also present in the original recipe only that it is grated on top at the end, instead using a breading in which the lemon peels are already present could be a variant appreciated by those who appreciate the taste of lemon. In general, as we know, lemon is used to garnish many fish-based dishes, this is the case for example with salmon with ginger, even in this case most recipes include the addition of lemon at the end, but having it already in the composed together with breadcrumbs it can constitute a variant with a fresher taste.


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