A preparation based on wheat flour, orange and lemon and also flavored with the spices paprika and turmeric which can be used for gratin recipes and fillings.

What is gratin

Gratin is a cooking technique born in France which consists of cooking food so that it is covered with a crunchy crust. It is no coincidence that the chemist who first studied the science behind the formation of the crust was the Frenchman Louis Camille Maillard and the process was given the name Maillard reaction. What takes place are a series of quite complex chemical processes but we can summarize everything in: sugars that react with proteins, because this is enough to understand why breadcrumbs are added to some foods and béchamel and similar to others to obtain the gratin, if the food already contains proteins (for example meat) it will be enough to add carbohydrates (which are chains of sugars), while in the case, for example, of baked pasta we will have to add fats and proteins.

For which recipes to use the orange and lemon gratin breading

From what has been explained above it is clear that breadings can be used for gratin recipes based on meat or fish, in particular an orange-flavoured breading it can be used for recipes such as scallops au gratin with orange scent, prawns au gratin with orange, sea bream fillets breaded with orange or mussels au gratin with orange. Surely you will find many others, in other words the scent of orange adds something to the simple breading which goes very well especially with recipes for fish gratin dishes, even very simple recipes.


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