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Square Geisha Tea Box

Practicality and style meet in these square kitchen containers. An elegant tin box that perfectly stores your loose tea or herbal tea ingredients, it can also contain other dried foods and even pods.

The tea box has been made with a high quality material, a protective food tin. Thanks to this material, the square container allows you to preserve the freshness of food, keeping it away from air, humidity and heat. The secure closure helps keep tea, components for herbal teas, infusions and decoctions in the jar.

It should be remembered that the capacity of the kitchen box varies according to the contents. The selected tinplate ensures the stability of the tea box, against deformation. Furthermore, it is a sustainable material, 100% recyclable. The Japanese design of the tea box The tin boxes make the kitchen tidy, avoiding the dispersion of loose leaves but they also become a precious accessory on the shelf, thanks to the colorful and refined design.

The tea box displays an oriental-inspired aesthetic, with a small and delightful Geisha, the female figure expert in the ritual of the tea ceremony. Depicted in colorful and golden tones, she holds two fans, and displays cherry blossoms in her hair, as in the classic Rising Sun decoration.

The container gives a Japanese atmosphere at first glance, and shows delicate reliefs on the surface, as well as on the lid. The processing of tin creates unique effects with matt lacquers, a coating that gives softness to the touch. The tea jars are available in two colours, pink and light blue, perfect for evoking oriental and delicate shades.


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