Onion: properties and benefits:

Onion is one of the most used foods in the world, both for preparing soups, meats, sauces, salads, etc. as an aroma, both as a side dish and as an aperitif. Its particular taste gives the preparations that flavor that enhances the other ingredients used in the various dishes of national and international cuisine. Gastronomy and variety have evolved together, one pushing the other to create innumerable types of onion, different in shape, size, taste and aroma intensity, color of the tunic and pulp, rapid cooking, shelf life , time of collection and intended use. One could say, "to each his own onion". Its nutritional value is linked above all to the presence of mineral salts, vitamins, especially vitamin C, chromium and many sulfur oxides, which are the cause of tearing and the strong smell of onion when we cut it. Even today we recognize the properties that can be defined therapeutic: it has antibacterial and anti-infective, diuretic action favoring the elimination of nitrogenous waste, against intestinal worms, it contains cholesterol and triglycerides glycaemia preventing heart disease, it contains many flavonoids including quercitin which has anticarcinogenic effect.


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