Gomasio: properties and benefits:

Gomasio is a seasoning made from toasted sesame seeds and sea salt that has existed for years as a staple of a macrobiotic diet, where it is used in place of table salt. Gomasio is loved for its nutritional beauty boost and unique flavor. Sprinkle a few teaspoons of dry gomasio on salad, cereal, cooked vegetables, popcorn, etc. (You'll have a hard time finding meals that it's not good with) and you'll have a boost of iron, calcium, amino acids and protein, as well as a much more nutritious way to lightly salt your food. You can make your gomasio with a light roast of sea salt and sesame seeds and grind them with seaweed so that the sesame oil coats the other ingredients, but it's more convenient to grab a jar at the supermarket and try it out before committing to the process! According to an article by Harold Kulungian, gomasio has medicinal powers that include soothing digestion, adding energy, helping in treating inflammatory ailments, and possibly even helping with cancer and diabetes. Keep talking about how gomasio de-acidifies the blood which leads to more balanced health. Origins and history The term gomasio derives from the Japanese goma (sesame seeds) and shio (salt). Its origins can be found in Japan, where for centuries it has been commonly used as a condiment for dishes. Its current spread all over the world is due in part to the growing success of Japanese cuisine, but also from its widespread use in macrobiotic cuisine. Today it is an easy to find condiment that is widely used in all types of cuisine.


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