Grilled fish represents a healthy and tasty cooking method, which enhances the flavors of the catch or fish selected for grilling. In addition to being a moment of conviviality with friends or family, grilling fish becomes an opportunity to cook in a delicious way, even in the simplicity of the grill.
The aromatic seasoning herbs are used for this, perfect for giving a delicious touch to the fish, eliminating aromas and flavor notes that are too intense due to the sea. Nature has provided us with many herbs and spices to pair with fish, which make the grill more appetizing. The most popular flavorings for grilled fish are those that do not combine too many different notes, nor cover the characteristics of the fish. Our combination of traditional Mediterranean herbs gives an extra touch to freshly cooked fish. The layers of flavor that include: salt, parsley, garlic, oregano, rosemary and bay leaves. They are part of the little secrets for seasoning and marinating fish, making the grill perfect. Use the doses you prefer, for an intense or light aroma.

Aromatic herbs for grilling fish

In our combination we use different aromas for seafood grills, simple but intense.

The laurel or bay leaves release a scent that goes perfectly with the fish, in particular the most succulent but delicate one - excellent on cod.

Parsley is the most common herb in seafood cuisine, adding a fresh, herbaceous flavor, perfect for grilling. It adapts to and enlivens the delicate flavors of fish and seafood. Oregano is a popular ingredient in seafood cuisine, adding an earthy nuance and more intensity to other spices to enhance the flavor of the fish.
The rosemary with a pungent and delicious note, pairs with fish for a lively and slightly citrusy aroma; It works great with garlic to give an intense flavor to barbecue marinades. Garlic with its powerful and pungent aroma revives fish meat in a profound way; gives a full-bodied base to the other aromas.

Use of flavorings for grilled fish

Herbs can be added at the beginning of cooking, to immediately release their flavor and aroma on the grill, and help flavor the fish during the cooking process. The ideal is to create a marinade before grilling, leaving the fish to marinate in the prepared mixture for about 15-30 minutes. It can take up to 1 hour for large cuts and whole fish, occasionally turning the fish on each side. For the marinated sauce you can combine 3 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil with the juice of a lemon, a pinch of salt and pepper, finishing with the aromas for grilled fish. You can choose to include salt or not, since it is already contained in the aromas and is often used in the finishing, to add salt after cooking. Particularly suitable for brushing squid and cuttlefish, the marinade will make the grilled fish tastier and more fragrant.
Also for baking in the oven, you can sprinkle the fish with two generous spoonfuls of aromatic herbs, depending on the intensity you can achieve, and then put it in the oven. The aromas melt and you can pour in another handful at the end of cooking, before serving the fish.

Origins and history of grilling and the use of aromas

Cooking food on the fire is a thousand-year-old tradition, which concerns both meat and fish. Certainly, cooking on the grill had been widespread in fishing towns for centuries, and the various fish were carefully chosen based on local availability. Today, with the possibility of finding many types of fish for sale, we can choose whether to grill fish from the sea near us, or different specialties that come from other waters. For this reason, there are different ways of cooking fish on the grill, and the most famous is the mixed grill. You can choose fish such as cod, sea bass, sardines, mackerel or sea bream. Also with specialties in salmon, swordfish or tuna steaks. Fish and shellfish skewers, shellfish skewers and grilled squid, scampi, prawns, cuttlefish and other fine fish products are excellent on the grill. The seasoning with aromatic herbs enriches the grill, and while the heat will seal the meat perfectly, the juices and aromas will not be dispersed. To obtain better cooking on the fire, we recommend a revolving grill with a lock and a long handle. It cages the fish and makes it easy to cook it on both sides. It is necessary to drain the fish well after marinatingra, so as not to spill the oil on the embers. It can be convenient to use the marinade sauce to brush the skewers or fish from time to time.


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