Fenugreek in grains: properties, benefits:

Fenugreek has numerous beneficial properties for the body, first of all the anabolic ones, stimulants of the neuro-muscular and anti-anemic system. It has a good presence of micronutrients such as proteins, water, dietary fiber, fats, amino acids, vegetable oils, vitamins (A, of group B and C, D and P) and minerals.

Fenugreek is also an excellent tonic and restorative especially in the case of anorexia, asthenia, weight loss not dependent on organic causes and in convalescence periods, with a positive action that stimulates appetite and metabolism and leads to weight gain through an important calorie intake. Minerals include potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper and manganese. For this reason, it is also often used in the treatment of certain osteopathies such as osteoporosis.
Fenugreek also has a hypoglycaemic action, which makes it suitable for the treatment of diabetes, and a cholesterol-lowering effect which conditions in a beneficial metabolism of lipids and significantly reduces the concentration of cholesterol in the blood.

Finally, fenugreek seeds can also be useful as a home remedy: thanks to the strong smell they emanate, they can be used to remove troublesome animals such as moths and bedbugs.


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