Provencal herbs: properties, benefits:

Used for grilling, sauces, stuffed tomatoes, marinades or salads, aromatic plants are found on the table of all those who love Mediterranean cuisine . They represent for everyone an emblem of the gastronomic heritage of the South of France. In addition, these are real medicinal plants that allow you to stay in full shape.

The spice blend combines all the aromatic herbs of French Mediterranean cuisine, with a warm, deliciously spicy taste, with a pronounced note of aromatic herbs. Being a composite of various herbs, they contain all the active ingredients of the same that compose it.

Origins and hints of history:

During the 70s of the last century, Provencal herbs were invented in Provence , that is a mixture of dried aromatic herbs that are used in vegetable dishes, stews and grills to give a spicy aroma and taste to food.


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