Chili mex: properties, benefits:

Chili pepper is a component widely used both in Mediterranean cuisine and in more distant flavors, yet the beneficial properties are not known to everyone. The popular tradition sees in the pepper a powerful aphrodisiac. Before talking about the specific properties of the pepper, it is good to know the main of the active ingredients, in fact the main ingredient of the spiciness is the alkaloid capsaicin. substance capable of stimulating and increasing the blood flow, contained in the whole fruit, which gives that sensation of "going on fire". Capsaicin causes pain and inflammation if consumed in excess, and can even cause burn blisters, if in high concentrations such as habanero, which is collected with gloves.

Chilli in general, however, has antirheumatic, antibacterial powers, stimulates the production of gastric juices and combats intestinal problems.


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