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Dehydrated vegetable vegetables in chips

When looking for natural snacks, you have to say goodbye to aperitif nibbles or french fries, which are quite harmful in the long run.

If it seems like a real sadness, there is however a tasty alternative so as not to give up the pleasure of munching on something. Here is the mix of crunchy vegetables: vegetable chips to enjoy a satisfying snack.

In our dried version, you can choose the healthiest and lightest chips prepared with dehydrated vegetables, dried in the sun or with a dehydrator.

In short, a snack suitable for all hours!

Dehydrated vegetable chips: properties and benefits

We usually consume fresh vegetables, but we know that they are certainly not convenient to take with you as a snack on the go, unlike fruit. For this reason, dehydrated vegetables are practical and beneficial: the nutrients of the vegetables are maintained even after the drying process.

The advantage of this mix of vegetables is that of finding different vegetables beneficial to our health in a single package, enhancing their effects through their availability in vegetable chips.< /p>

The dried vegetable chips create an excellent combination of healthy characteristics for our health. This happens because they are made up of: sweet potato, pumpkin, taro, carrot, green beans, zucchini.

These are vegetables rich in mineral salts and vitamins, but also in energy components from the potatoes.

Zucchini and pumpkin, for example, help to counteract intestinal inflammation problems, they contain potassium and magnesium, good quantities of vitamins including those of group B , and beta-carotene.

Carotenes are functional in the assimilation of vitamin A, which, as we know, has excellent properties for the well-being of eyesight and skin. A well-known element in carrots - which are part of dehydrated vegetable chips.

Furthermore, zucchini and pumpkins contain folates which are converted in the intestine into folic acid or vitamin B9 - participates in the synthesis of hemoglobin and some amino acids, it is important for growth, reproduction and proper functioning of the nervous system.

Most of the vegetables contained in the vegetable chips are low in calories and high in satiating power, very digestible and useful in case of constipation.

The taro, contained in the mix of dehydrated vegetables, is a tuber similar to the potato, from which flour and starch are obtained. Widespread in tropical climates, it also has large, edible leaves.

Its properties are similar to potatoes but it contains more calcium, which helps bone health, and a good amount of iron, excellent for maintaining the right hemoglobin values. Taro also has a good supply of B vitamins and potassium, for the healthy balance of blood pressure.

The well-being for intestinal transit caused by vegetables is known, but in particular an ingredient of the chips are high in fiber. These are green beans, which are actually legumes even if close to vegetables, capable of promoting digestion and increasing the sense of satiety.

They also contain precious mineral salts and vitamins (A, C and K), and are highly re-mineralizing for our body. Vitamin K in particular offers protection against osteoporosis, arteriosclerosis and the appearance of varicose veins.

Origins and History of cultivation

The many vegetables contained in the chips are obviously different in history and origin, but they are vegetables that have been cultivated in our European territory for thousands of years. Apart from taro (from regions with tropical climates),

The form of dehydration, also has been known for centuries when both fruits and vegetables were dried in the sun and in the air.

In recent times, the drying of vegetables is given through controlled industrial or artisanal processes, in order to create a product that is easy to transport and consume in any season, to arenrich our diet.

The vegetables present in the vegetable chips, in fact, can all have different growth and maturation periods, while a mix of crunchy sliced vegetables becomes a practical solution for consuming them together. Industrial dehydration has various methods, but the important thing is that it maintains the original organoleptic properties of the dried vegetables intact.

Plant, fruit and root

The vegetable chips that we offer, contain different vegetables: sweet potato, pumpkin, taro, carrot, green beans, zucchini.

Among these, green beans are legumes, even if due to their characteristics they are often assimilated to vegetables. The taro, as we have seen, is a tuber similar to the potato, native to countries with tropical climates. Even the carrot we know is the root of the plant

These are foods that are common in our diet often not all year round, due to normal seasonal cycles, and therefore comfortable to have as a snack thanks to dehydration and the processes of optimized transport.

Nutrition values of dehydrated vegetable chips

Since it is a mixture, this dehydrated vegetable includes foods that have different characteristics.

For this reason, the calorie content and calorie count may also vary in the vegetable crisp mix.

Compared to fresh vegetables, dehydrated ones have a higher content of calories, due to the presence of vegetable oil, while the concentration of other nutrients is enhanced by the elimination of water .

In any case, the chips contain vegetable fats, abundant availability of fiber, vitamins, proteins, minerals such as potassium, sodium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus.

How to consume dehydrated vegetable chips in the kitchen or as a snack

This mix of vegetables can be used in the diet as a snack between meals, or in some cases to add it to other preparations. You can insert a portion of this mix at salads, or in the preparation of savory pies.

The dehydrated vegetable chips are effective before and after sports training as a light snack, which does not cause a slow digestive process, and provides vitamins and minerals.

Some of the vegetable chips can also decorate appetizers or cocktails, if the flavor of the vegetables blends well with the ingredients and drinks.

Perfect for diets, the mix of dehydrated vegetables allows you to satiate without increasing sugar in the body.

Dehydrated vegetable chips: side effects and contraindications

There are no particular contraindications to taking dehydrated vegetables, but a possible intolerance or allergy to individual vegetables must be considered.

As with many dried vegetables, it is good to evaluate the doses: being rich in fibre, this mix could cause a laxative action on the intestine if you overdo it.</ p>


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Valore energetico (calorie)
373 Kcal
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