Ginger is highly appreciated in the kitchen as a spice and by the food industry as a precious flavoring (with ginger, for example, the drink known by the name is produced of ginger), but also has interesting medicinal properties.

On the market it is found in the form of fresh or dried root, powdered or extracted or as candied ginger using only the natural sugar of its root.
Dried ginger root powder is typically encapsulated and sold in convenient tablets. Ginger is used as a natural and digestive anti-inflammatory and is among the most effective anti-nausea and anti-vertigo medicines. Almost infinite ailments can be treated with ginger. The active ingredients of the plant are all concentrated in its root: non-volatile substances, such as gingerols, resins and mucilages.
In traditional Far Eastern medicine, ginger is used in the treatment of osteoarthritis, flu, as a stimulant of the heart, as a protective of the gastric mucosa.
It is also a valid ally of the stomach, intestine, heart and circulatory system, thanks to its antibiotic properties. Oil, another element made from ginger, is also rich in important properties.
In fact, it is anti-nausea, invigorating, pain-relieving, digestive, antiviral and aphrodisiac. Ginger is also useful against halitosis: it can help, in fact, sipped with hot water boiled for 10 minutes with fresh ginger, a remedy that promotes digestion and counteracts the accumulation of toxins and bacterial fermentation. < br /> Ginger is a rhizome, a term that indicates the underground portion of the stem of a plant. The fresh and dried ginger can be found sliced, diced, ground or candied.
When buying fresh ginger, one must be aware that the rhizome has a firm consistency, a swollen appearance and a smooth skin, otherwise it would mean that the product is of many days.
As regards the dehydrated ginger there can be various types, with granulated sugar, icing sugar or natural sugar-free ginger. Unlike the sweetened one, the latter has a light brown color, with a strong and quite pungent flavor.

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