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Clear Japanese style ceramic teapot

This tea service makes it possible to use accessories created in the most classic Japanese design. We speak of Kyusu style, given that the word means "teapot" and precisely defines well the design of traditional Japanese teapots with side handles. Kyusu are smaller than Western teapots (100-300 ml), but in this model that we offer in the set, of around 400 ml, the capacity is designed for different guests. In any case, the teapot is not excessive in size - enough to allow for repeated infusions, typical of the Japanese tea ceremony.

The set has a light color, and handcrafted effects of great charm. The material with which the Japanese set is created, ceramic, is resistant and represents history: teapot and cups were made of clay by master potters with the criteria of the classic Japanese style.

Even today, depending on the regions of Japan they specialize in different types of pottery. You will find the set available in two versions: teapot and two cups, or teapot and 4 cups. The steel filter is always included. The Japanese design of the teapot and teacups The large diameter space is used for an excellent infusion of the tea leaves, which are spread loose in the diffuser, to better develop their aromas and flavours. The diffuser filter is made of stainless steel to hold the tea leaves as you pour into the cups. When pouring, the teapot is held by the side handle, one of the hallmarks of a kyusu. This handle has several advantages: greater agility in handling and pouring, less strain on the wrists when the teapot is heavy. The side handle is positioned at about 90° from the spout, to better balance the weight. Each teapot is equipped with a lid, adapted to its opening.

The shape of the cups is inspired by the style of ancient oriental tea sets, a large bowl without a handle, which allows the tea aroma to spread well. After use, the teapot should be washed in hot water and dried. Do not put the lid back on before it is completely dry inside, and pay attention to the inside of the spout, which remains moist.

Tea set for the Japanese tea ceremony

The Kyusu-style teapot and cups are the fundamental part of the Japanese tea service. The tradition of green tea is ancient in the culture of the rising sun, deeply integrated into daily life. The ritual practice of tea is widespread, both formally and informally, and in any case the kyusu teapot perfectly accompanies the preparation of tea. The special Japanese teapot is excellent, of course, if you use the traditional method of the Rising Sun. In kyusu the tea leaves can be infused several times - for one minute the first time and for a few seconds the next time. The short and repeated infusions, with the same leaves, can be from 2 to 6, evaluating the tea to be infused. You can use the teapot in the western way, using a certain amount of tea leaves in a certain steeping time. An ideal method for small quantities of high quality tea.

When pouring tea, according to the Japanese style it is preferable to pour about 1/3 of the capacity into each cup, and repeat the operation until all are filled. The system allows you to obtain the same flavor and the same quantity for all cups. It's important to pour all the tea into the teapot, to prevent it from continuing to ferment; it is a method used so that the leaves are still useful, ready in the filter for other infusions.

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