Cherry and blueberry, is a delicious fruit infusion with a sweet flavor and aroma, tantalizing for the palate and beneficial for the body. In fact, this herbal tea combines fruits with advantageous properties, in particular as antioxidants and stimulants of correct blood circulation.

The components create an excellent combination, with the support of fruits and flowers such as blackcurrant, hibiscus, rose, apple.

Cherry and blueberry infusion: properties and benefits

The infusion is an excellent aid to facilitate blood circulation: by improving blood flow, cells are renewed and also counteracts water retention .

In terms of antioxidants, the infusion gives flavonoids and anthocyanins which facilitate circulation but also keep hypertension under control.

Antioxidants can keep the internal walls of the arteries healthy from oxidative damage, also hindering the formation of harmful substances on the internal walls of blood vessels. This helps to make the blood flow through our cardiovascular system more fluid and, therefore, keeps it in the correct condition.

Also the richness of potassium and gamma-linoleic acid (GLA) of the fruits contained in the infusion, can help to lower blood pressure, and favor the well-being of heart cells - to resist the ravages of age. Potassium is a natural vasodilator: it relaxes blood vessels and ensures regular blood flow; as a result, it helps regulate blood pressure. In addition, these substances, particularly GLA, slow down the clotting of platelets in blood vessels, still promoting blood flow to the heart.

Another point in favor, after the antioxidants, is the iron and copper content in the infusion, which can help in the formation of red blood cells and new blood cells. In doing so, it ensures that oxygenated blood reaches every part of the body, with a useful action against fatigue.

The infusion is also useful for the drainage of excess fluids, so it also helps the well-being of the urinary tract. The beneficial effect of this drainage is to deflate the swollen parts, counteracting water retention. In the intestine, it has a slightly laxative and purifying action for the intestine and liver.

In addition, the infusion has excellent amounts of Vitamin C to support the immune system and skin well-being.

Our body uses vitamin C to metabolize proteins and form collagen, which is essential for skin care and anti-aging effects.

This circulation herbal tea is excellent for a daily break or a relaxing break, to be sipped hot or cold in summer as a thirst-quenching drink.

This specific blend gives a perfect balance between the sweetness of the berries, the intensity of the hibiscus and the apple. Go bold with fruity aromas, with a delicate finish. Also, after the infusion the dehydrated fruit can be eaten!

Origins and History of cultivation

In this mix there are several berries or natural elements that help our health. To create this infusion, hibiscus, blackcurrant, rose, apple pieces have been dried, and there are natural flavors of cherry and blueberry. We know that these berries, fruits or flowers have been cultivated for millennia, selected by humans for their properties.

In addition to providing nutrients, they provide healthy substances that have been exploited in popular medicines for centuries. Different peoples consumed cherries, blueberries, currants, apples as berries or cultivated, while the dried flower was used of the hibiscus, due to its characteristics.

These are natural gifts, used for centuries as natural herbal remedies.

Many components of this herbal tea for circulation have been known for centuries for their beneficial qualities for the blood flow. Recently, they have also been identified as valid allies for skin beauty thanks to vitamin C and other antioxidants.

If in ancient times these berries or fruits were only available in the territories where they grew, today they are easily available everywhere through infusions, ideal per enrich our diet.

To ensure a natural taste, each ingredient has been dried to maintain its flavor and aroma, as well as its beneficial antioxidant properties.

Plant and flowers

The components of the herbal tea are many, and the mix contains berries and fruits of various origins.

We offer an infusion with hibiscus petals, blackcurrant, rose, apple pieces, and natural cherry and blueberry flavors.

Black currant (Ribes nigrum) , is a shrub of the Grossulariaceae family cultivated for its edible berries. It is native to the temperate areas of Europe and northern Asia, where it prefers moist and fertile soils.

Hibiscus or Hibiscus is a flowering plant of the mallow family. The genus includes several hundred species, native to warm temperate, subtropical and tropical regions around the world. The large flowers are those used in herbal medicine.

The cherry is the fruit of many plants of the genus Prunus, a fleshy drupe (stone fruit), which usually arises from the varieties of the sweet cherry Prunus avium or the cherry tree the sour Prunus cerasus.

The Rose is a perennial shrub of the rose family (Rosaceae), native to the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere. Notes for the beautiful flowers, with a delicious scent, they also give the buds for a beneficial infusion.

The apple is the fruit of the domesticated tree Malus domestica (family Rosaceae), one of the most cultivated tree fruits. Apples are native to the temperate zones of both hemispheres, with over hundreds of varieties today.

Blueberries are a popular group of perennial flowering plants with blue or purple berries. They are classified as Myrtillus within the Vaccinium genus of berries. The most common in Europe is the bilberry.

Nutritional values ​​of the infusion with cherry and blueberry

The infusion contains many vitamins, from vitamin A, to those of group B, and the significant vitamin C. In addition, it makes available several antioxidants such as GLA (gamma-linoleic acid ), various polyphenols and precious minerals such as potassium, iron, copper.

How to use cherry and blueberry in herbal tea

The infusion is obtained by putting the cherry and blueberry mixture in a cup (250 ml), about 3-5 grams, with water at 100 ° C.

Leave to infuse for 10 to 12 minutes, before drinking the herbal tea.

Add honey or sugar if desired.

Cherry and blueberry infusion: side effects and contraindications

Both the berries and the flowers contained in the herbal tea are considered safe at the recommended doses. However, it is good to evaluate the ingredients in case of allergies or intolerances.

In addition, excessive doses can cause some side effects such as mild diarrhea and intestinal gas formation.

Since the infusion can slow blood clotting, it is good to evaluate the intake together with an expert for people with bleeding disorders, anticoagulant drugs, or those who are about to undergo surgery.

A caution is also recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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