Pampa Argentina (Chimirurri), properties, benefits:

The chimichurri is mainly composed of parsley, garlic, oregano, bay leaf, thyme, oil, red wine and white wine vinegar. The origins of this sauce date back to the early decades of the eighteenth century.
It has several points in common with the French "Persillade". As in all the classics of cooking in the world, there are an infinite variety of recipes, and in Argentina each "asador" has its own, and always secret.
During the festivals that organize the pamphoria herders of South America called Guacho, this mixture is prepared in large containers that are brought close to the cooking point, and with large brushes, the marinade takes place directly on the embers for the most famous local dish in the world, asado.

Asado is generally prepared using the gaucho method, and consists of attaching a half calf or a whole lamb to a metal cross and exposing it directly to the heat of the fire, or using the "parrilla", or the classic grill.
A "parrillada" normally includes beef, pork, chicken and lamb.


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