Goa curry whole spices: properties, benefits:

Unlike others the Goa Curry is different from all the other blends of Indian spices proposed. Characteristic of this curry is that the spices that compose it are whole. So the choice of whether to grind them or not remains when choosing the recipe to make, or leave the combination of spices intact and season the chosen dish directly with Goa Curry.

In the second case it is recommended to insert Curry Goa not at the end of cooking, but halfway through cooking, because they are more resistant. This allows you to better maintain the aroma, and the curry mixture will also have a very pleasant and varied visual impact, which will positively surprise in the dishes. The taste of Goa Curry is not strong but rather sweet, because the quantity of kilos contained in the Goa spice mixture is very minimal.

We can define its aroma halfway between the sweet-spicy.


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