Ground fennel: properties and benefits:

Fennel is very rich in mineral salts, especially potassium, calcium and phosphorus, useful for strengthening bones and for preventing cramps and tiredness. It contains many vitamins, in particular vitamin A, essential to protect and maintain healthy skin and to regulate the functioning of the retina and vision, vitamin B, a fundamental element for the correct functioning of the nervous system and the cardiovascular system, and vitamin C, a very important substance in the prevention of numerous pathologies because it strengthens the immune system and performs an effective antioxidant action.

The liver also benefits from the consumption of fennel, which represent valid detoxifying agents and which contribute to the improvement of liver functions. In addition, fennel has diuretic effects, favoring the production of urine and, consequently, the elimination of toxins by the body, and is indicated in case of loss of appetite, since it stimulates appetite and gastric secretion through the action of its aromatic principles. Fennel has a very low calorie content, is low in fat but very high in fiber, therefore it is a food particularly suitable for its line.

It is also an excellent remedy for digestion problems, as it counteracts the fermentative processes that occur in the large intestine and contributes to the elimination of the air that accumulates in the stomach and in the intestine, thus also relieving the pain caused by gaseous colic in infants. THE


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