Goulash mix: properties, benefits:

Goulash is a typical preparation of Hungarian cuisine, but which today is actually widespread all over the world. Originally the goulash was a soup, while today it is a stew and its brothy variant, the goulash in German, has become a minor, lesser-known recipe.
Towards the end of the eighteenth century the goulash began to be appreciated by families bourgeois, to then appear on the table of the people and then spread throughout much of Europe and become the best known Hungarian dish in the world. The goulash is from a beef stew which is prepared with special spices, such as cumin and especially paprika, sweet and spicy.

These spices give the goulash its particular taste and make it very different from the classic "Italian" stews. Obviously there are many recipes for goulash. The main variant concerns the use or not of potatoes, which would make it a complete dish.
If you don't add the potatoes you should serve the goulash with the polenta, slow or soda according to your taste.


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