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Chervil in leaves: properties and benefits:

Chervil has multiple benefits and since ancient times it has been appreciated for its digestive, purifying and diuretic properties, it is also an excellent source of mineral salts including iron and calcium, and is rich in vitamins A and C, important for vision and for preventing flu. Detoxifying, diuretic and decongestant, it is an excellent internal and external purifying.
Chervil is not only used in the kitchen but also in the cosmetic and medicinal field, in fact it is the basis of many products for the care of chilblains and calluses.

With chervil you can make herbal teas that have different effects, with the roots you get a natural remedy for anxiety and depression, obviously they must be washed thoroughly.

With the leaves, on the other hand, a drink is obtained which purifies the liver. Applied on the skin, it helps restore the skin balance, both in case of blemishes, redness, seborrhea. It also calms the nuisance due to insect bites.


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