Thyme in leaves: properties, benefits:

Thyme is an aromatic herb with many properties and excellent in the kitchen to make different types of dishes tastier. The use of thyme is particularly suitable for the treatment of diseases affecting the respiratory tract. There are hundreds of varieties of thyme, some of which are characterized by a pleasant lemon aroma.

Thyme can boast an unexpected vitamin content, both in reference to vitamin C and vitamins of group B. It also contains thymol, linaiol and mineral salts. It is an officinal and aromatic plant, which presents inside an essential oil and beneficial substances thanks to which the balsamic, anticatarrali and antiseptic properties are attributed to the thyme.

Among the mineral salts contained in thyme we find manganese, iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Thyme is also considered a tonic and a stimulant of the digestive system. It is also considered by alternative medicine to be a real natural antibiotic and a diuretic. Finally, significant antioxidant properties are attributed to the thymus in the protection of cell membranes.


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