Sage: properties and benefits:

Among the beneficial properties of sage, which are really numerous, you will discover that this aromatic and officinal plant is the best friend of women because its properties make it useful to relieve the symptoms of menstruation painful and in case of typical menopause disorders, such as caldane.
Sage has been known since ancient times for its healing properties. It has, in particular, antioxidant and hypo-glycemic properties, as well as antibacterial. Sage also has anti-inflammatory and digestive properties.

Sage herbal tea can be useful in case of ailments affecting the oral cavity such as abscesses, pharyngitis, laryngitis and gingivitis. In the treatment of respiratory diseases, it is possible to resort to this natural solution by taking advantage of the balsamic action derived from both the consumption and the inhalation of the vapors during and after the infusion. Also valid for some types of cough and sore throat.

Stomach ache is one of the ailments that can be treated with sage herbal tea. By promoting gastric secretions, digestive capacity increases, useful both for the prevention or treatment of minor ailments as in acute cases, in combination with a few drops of lemon.


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