Cayenne pepper: properties, benefits:

The name Cajenna pepper does not actually indicate a pepper but a species of chilli pepper from the Capsicum annuum plant, probably the most cultivated in the world which, in addition to the Cajenna variety, also includes the common red chilli pepper, extremely widespread in Italy.

The name Cajenna derives from the name of the city of French Guiana and is often mistakenly used to indicate any variety of chilli, as if it were a synonym. Cajenna peppers are thin and elongated (they reach 10 cm). Commercially, it is one of the most cultivated chillies in the world, but 80% of its production concerns the United States only, which uses it for the preparation of spicy sauces.
Cajenna pepper has an intense and spicy flavor and enhances dishes such as jambalaya (spicy soup from Louisiana), some Thai recipes and chili, a tex mex dish (made with beans and spicy sauce). It is excellent for flavoring cheeses, eggs and shellfish.

Some consider it less spicy and kinder than the spicy red pepper typically used in Italy and therefore more suitable for fish. A preparation that allows you to use this spice in an original way to flavor bruschetta or grilled meats is that of olive oil flavored with Cajenna pepper.


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