Poppy seeds, properties e benefits:

Poppy seeds are known in the herbal and natural medicine fields for their calming and sedative properties, thanks to the content of papaverine and other mild opioids, so they are used as a remedy for anxiety and stress, but also to combat insomnia. They are often used in the kitchen, to enrich baked goods such as bread. A relaxing herbal tea can help balance sleep. The consumption of poppy seeds is also useful, for the prevention of cardio-vascular diseases.

The vitamins (C and E above all) contained in poppy seeds, together with manganese, have an antioxidant action against free radicals, slowing down cellular aging.
All the other minerals also contribute to cognitive function, improving the functionality of neurotransmitters for the proper functioning of the brain. The calcium contained in the poppy seeds, then, contributes to the good health of the bones, so it is recommended to take them especially for athletes and the elderly, especially for women of a certain age who suffer from osteoporosis.


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