This specialty comes from the union between sea salt and black summer truffle. It is a high quality, tasty condiment, perfect for enhancing many dishes with a truffle flavor. Transform a simple recipe into a delicious dish with the noble taste of truffles, with an original and captivating aroma.

Truffle salt: characteristics and benefits

Sea salt is an excellent element to include in your diet, always in moderation. It is an unrefined salt, without anti-caking agents or preservatives, which preserves the minerals and trace elements from the sea. In fact, during processing, table salt is often deprived of natural minerals, and contains a series of additives that prevent the formation of lumps. The benefits of unrefined sea salt, on the other hand, derive from the typical processing that leaves the large crystals rich in minerals and beneficial substances, unlike the typical table salt. Flavored with black truffle, it takes on a special scent and flavor. The truffle flavor makes it a perfect ingredient for any dish. Already known in the kitchen since ancient times, in fact, the truffle is a strong and aromatic ingredient, which goes well with many recipes. It allows you to expand the taste, preparing a dish with an unusual flavor and scent. Truffle salt is a mixture that can be used for cooking or sprinkled on main dishes as a finish. It takes up the tradition of the truffle, historically added to egg-based dishes and pasta sauces; as well as in almost all salty foods. Truffles give a rich and sophisticated, earthy and nutty taste, which gives the palate an intense sensation. The use of sea salt with black truffle will be an excellent choice to add the elegance of these nuances to recipes, in an accessible and quick way.

Origins and History of the extraction

The ancient method of extracting sea salt occurs with evaporation. A slow passage of the liquid, sea water, in a gaseous state. What remains is the salt that this water contains. In fact, sea water is a natural source of salt, present on average at 35%. The process of extracting salt from seawater involves the use of evaporation basins, i.e. ponds, shallow and impermeable, dug and connected to the sea by means of a canal. In this way, in the tanks that will then be closed, sunlight, heat and wind will act to evaporate the water. At the end, a layer of salt crystals remains, which can be collected. If the crystals are not particularly treated, as in the case of refined salt, then a natural sea salt will be obtained. Salt artisans today produce gourmet cooking salts in much the same way they were made thousands of years ago. This is the case of the truffle salt, which has existed as a mixture for centuries, but has only recently been produced due to the increasing demand. It is a delightfully aromatic salt that pairs beautifully with most land and sea dishes. Truffles are very valuable and can also be very expensive, as they are found underground and only in some countries, such as France and Italy. They are rare underground (hypogeal) mushrooms, tuber-shaped. They are found in tree trunks and underground, and have been used in the kitchen for a few centuries. The search is done through the nose of truffle dogs or pig females. In the creation of the flavored salt, small pieces of black truffle are mixed with the sea salt.

Nutritional values ​​of truffle salt

This salt contains mostly sodium chloride from sea salt, as well as trace minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc. Thanks to the black summer truffle (Tuber aestivum Vittad.), It inserts traces of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

How to use truffle salt in the kitchen

This flavored salt transforms a simple recipe into a delicious dish with the noble taste and scent of truffles. It is an ideal condiment on meats (pork, chicken, foie gras, red meat) and fish, regardless of the cooking methods. A sprinkling of aromatic truffle salt can flavor a fillet of meat, meat or fish carpaccio, perhaps giving an earthy flavor to the steak. Used instead of common table salt it becomes an excellent seasoning for many dishes, including first courses such as risotto, pasta in general, tagliatelle, etc. A pinch of this salt is perfect on scrambled or fried eggs in particular, and on grilled or boiled vegetables. Brilliant on roast potatoes, mashed potatoes or chipsfried, enhances soft cheese, salads and tomatoes. Other foods to sprinkle with truffle salt include popcorn and avocados. The truffle salts tend to be milder in flavor and aroma, compared to the original truffle, also to allow a correct seasoning through the grains of salt.

Truffle salt: side effects and contraindications

Caution is advised in the intake of sea salt in case of hypertension, cardiovascular disorders, diseases related to the kidneys and blood vessels. Furthermore, it is advisable to moderate the quantities even during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


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