The black lava salt is extracted by evaporation from the waters of the island of Cyprus, and shows a particular, perfect, concave, pyramidal geometric shape. Salt flakes are pleasant to crumble on plates, to finish them with taste. The mixture of activated carbon and sea salt flakes takes on a strong dark color and gives the black lava a unique taste, light flake consistency and salinity.

Black salt lava flakes from Cyprus: characteristics and benefits

Black Lava is a salt rich in activated carbon, which together with its salinity and humidity, gives interesting effects for well-being. Among its components, activated carbon has beneficial properties - it is often used in traditional and alternative medicine. This highly absorbent combination works as a natural detoxifier. It is used for intestinal well-being, to counter poisoning, as well as as an exquisite cooking salt. The ability to remove toxins from the body also combines with the useful treatment to counteract gas and bloating. Activated carbon could bind to gas-causing nutrients in foods, preventing flatulence. In addition to acting as a detox agent, activated charcoal gives the salt a slightly earthy flavor. In terms of finishes, black lava salt lends itself to creating scenographic shapes to decorate dishes, thanks to the dark and shiny colors of the salt flakes.

Origins and History of the extraction

This salt is obtained by evaporation of the waters of some salt lakes on the island of Cyprus, Larnaca and Limassol. In these basins the salt of the nearby sea is concentrated, the Mediterranean between Greece and the Middle East, which arrives by filtering from the extremely porous soil. The crystallization of the salt takes place with a traditional process - which can take up to two years of processing. Once crystallized, the salt is collected only when an optimal weather temperature arrives, which causes the salt to reach a humidity of 3%. It is a process used to crystallize natural and non-polluting salt, which uses the action of the wind and the heat of the sun, on the water channeled into the collection basins. Black salt flakes are obtained by mixing sea salt with activated carbon during production. Coal is obtained from the natural processing of coniferous plants such as lime, birch and willow. The result will be a flaky Mediterranean salt with large pyramidal crystals of a brilliant black color.

Nutritional values ​​of Cyprus black lava salt

This salt contains sodium chloride (98.80%), as well as trace minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc. In addition, it contains activated carbon.

How do you use the flakes of Cyprus black lava salt in the kitchen?

This salt with its particular flavor is excellent for finishing meat and special dishes, suitable for spice blends and sauces. Perfect on white fish, it also takes on a beautiful decoration by contrast with light meats. Delicious on seafood, baked and roasted fish, sashimi; as well as on red meats (the earthy flavor must be evaluated). Flavors salads and soups, gives a special touch to sweet potatoes and fried potatoes, great on eggs and some combinations - such as bread and butter or tomatoes and mozzarella. On first courses it can enhance rice-based dishes. Try it on the edge of the glass of a mango margarita, and in cocktails for a black finish.

Cyprus salt black lava: side effects and contraindications

Caution is advised in the intake of sea salt in case of hypertension, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Furthermore, it is useful to moderate the quantities in case of cardiovascular disorders, diseases related to the kidneys and blood vessels.


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