The term Mediterranean pasta indicates many recipes, some vegetarian, others not, it is not a classic recipe of Italian cuisine, rather it is a label that today is put on different recipes that use the emblematic ingredients of the Mediterranean.

The recipe for Mediterranean pasta

If you search the internet for “Mediterranean pasta” you will get many results, every chef, more or less famous, has his own version. However, we can identify two broad lines: for one school of thought Mediterranean pasta is a vegetarian dish, for another it is pasta with tuna (or other fish) and olives. Capers and olives are present in the vast majority of recipes, as they are present in this preparation. The versions without tuna (or anchovies) are for the most part vegetarian, not vegan, because they include cheese (mozzarella and / or provolone), but nobody forbids, since there is no recipe for Mediterranean pasta, to imagine a vegan version that makes up for the lack of fish and cheese by abounding in the variety of vegetable ingredients. For example, in this preparation there is the addition of walnuts which in terms of calories and good fats can replace any food.

In most cases the Mediterranean pasta is proposed as a recipe for a cold summer pasta and in almost every case the sauce is a cold sauce, but there are exceptions in which vegetables are fried.

History of Mediterranean pasta

How do you tell the story of something that does not exist as a codified recipe and that can indicate many similar but different things? We will limit ourselves to saying that given the ingredients and also looking at the different culinary traditions of the Italian regions it is clear that Mediterranean pasta can be considered as a dish originating in Southern Italy, especially if you think of the cold pasta that is part of the Sicilian culinary tradition. .

In conclusion you can call Mediterranean pasta any recipe based on the ingredients that you consider typical of the Mediterranean, the only variation that does not exist is a version with meat, or it is vegetarian ( if not vegan) or the animal part consists of fish or molluscs.


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