Organic Blood Orange Mate, description and properties:

Dating back to the 16th century, this drink contains a high concentration of antioxidants, 90% more than green tea. Yerba mate also helps strengthen the immune system and has the potential to treat various ailments. Mate tea cleanses the body, helps reduce stress and relieves the signs of aging.
It is therefore no wonder that yerba mate is still consumed today in much of the planet. According to consumers, one of the most obvious beneficial effects of mate tea is the increase in concentration. Thanks to the abundance of minerals, vitamins and amino acids, yerba mate promotes mental clarity and stimulates attention.

This substance manages to rejuvenate the mind and body. This is why many athletes use it to recharge their energy. Whether you want to beat your personal best, burn more calories, or simply exercise efficiently, yerba mate will provide valuable support as you go about your daily activities.
Additionally, this drink will help you focus your attention and to improve memory.
Yerba mate allows the body to extract more energy from carbohydrates. Therefore, it can contribute to the proper functioning of metabolic processes.
In addition to this, mate tea contains substances that reduce appetite and amplify the sense of satiety. Thus, the drink can be effectively incorporated into a specific diet for weight loss.
Furthermore, yerba mate helps prevent cardiovascular disease by accelerating the transit of cholesterol and fats through the bloodstream. Overall, mate tea is an excellent dietary supplement. The blood orange obviously gives a citrus aroma to the whole drink.


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