Beautiful and resistant. Japanese teacups are essential for brewing powdered tea. The joy of preparing and drinking tea every day is expressed in their linear and clean style, inspired by the matcha tea ceremony. The Chawan is the perfect bowl or cup for the matcha ritual – Japanese ceremonial green tea. It is wide, low and wide: suitable dimensions to accommodate the tea powder and mix it better. It must allow excellent preparation and, at the same time, it must be easy to hold. For the preparation of Matcha, the fine powder is placed in this container, which accompanies every tea tasting with its style. It is a sturdy cup without a handle, following the traditional oriental design. Indeed, in the tea ritual, the cup is grasped with both hands. The right hand lifts the bowl, while the left holds it down. This ceremonial tea cup is also designed for use as well as for the preparation of Matcha. You can find it available in black or white, simple and minimalist colors inspired by Japanese elegance.

The cup in the Matcha tea ceremony

The preparation of Matcha is complex and requires a precise ritual. This full-bodied and intense tea is prepared by placing Matcha powder in a ceremonial cup (Chawan). Then pour the hot water into the cup and mix with the hand whisk. It is necessary to make slow circular and crossed movements across the entire width of the cup, to obtain an intense green matcha, without lumps. The Chawan is historically made of ceramic or terracotta, and joins the other tools for preparing Matcha tea: Chashaku, the thin bamboo spoon that collects the powder for a cup Chasen, the bamboo whisk for mixing the tea powder homogeneously Chaki: ceramic or wooden box that contains the tea during the ceremony. A small sieve Japanese ceremonial cup is meant for every Matcha tea ritual, whether it be morning, afternoon or evening tea. The Japanese tea ceremony is a form of welcoming guests, and for this reason a ceremonial cup is also important as a gift, for those who wish to receive them at tea time. The Japanese tea cups therefore come in an elegant presentation box and are a great gift for all green tea lovers. Japanese tea sets are elegant and this cup can complete the Matcha set, for any occasion.

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