This Matcha tea whisk holder is an important accessory in the Japanese tea ritual. There are several names for the whip stand in Japanese: chasen tate, chasen yasume, and kuse naoshi. An essential element in the matcha tea ritual Let's start from the fact that the whisk holder houses the Chasen, an essential tool for preparing Matcha powder tea. If the whisk has to mix the powder, it must have a safe and hygienic support where it can be stored. A chasen holder for matcha (chasen tate) it is essential to have a correct case for the chasen, to keep the bamboo spatulas dry, in the right shape, preventing them from becoming deformed and breaking. It is essential to store the bamboo whisk after each use, right from the start. In fact, already after the first use, the shape of the chasen changes definitively, opening the spatulas and expanding slightly.

The design and function of the Chasen holder

This model of Chasen whisk holder in enamelled porcelain is elegant, robust and light at the same time. As a stand it ensures that the chasen dries in contact with a surface that will be able to dry it properly. Without the risk of mold forming, which can permanently ruin the chasen. If the whip is left to dry facing upwards, in fact, it is a mistake: the humidity in the handle makes the bamboo mouldy. This porcelain holder helps to reshape the chasen into its natural shape every time, with an important function and a simple but refined design, suitable for the matcha set. Taking care of the chasen, through a correct tea whisk holder, allows you to save money since it will not be necessary to buy a new whisk as often.

How to use the chasen holder for matcha tea

After rinsing the whisk, it is placed back on the stand, so that the bamboo spatulas resume the desired shape as they dry. To best protect and preserve the chasen, the tips should be pointing downwards. To wash the porcelain Chasen holder, rinse gently with warm water, soap is not necessary. Dry the whisk holder with a tea towel, keeping the holder and chasen in a cool, dry place.


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