The matcha spoon is a fundamental element for the correct tea ritual. As part of the complete set for this particular Japanese tea, Chashaku is handmade from bamboo: carved and then shaped using steam. It is the best way to measure tea, acting as a precise matcha powder dispenser.

How to use chashaku

The curved part of the teaspoon is used to take a small portion of tea, and place it in the bowl (matchawan). The amount of matcha served depends on individual preferences, but usually the thinnest tea (usucha) is prepared with 1 matcha chashaku and about 75-100 ml of hot water. A proportion known because it creates a frothy and uniform consistency on the surface of the matcha. To obtain it, the mixture of water and matcha will be mixed and beaten by the bamboo whisk (chasen) with precise movements and for at least 20-30 seconds. In the preparation of thick tea (koicha), a greater quantity of matcha powder is used, at least 4-6 chashaku to be dipped in 150 ml of hot water. The resulting matcha is much thicker and difficult to mix, which is why it does not produce the characteristic foam.

The tea ceremony and the Matcha set

Using a Chashaku bamboo spoon creates the ideal atmosphere for preparing Matcha, paying homage to the sophisticated ritual of the Japanese tea ceremony. The expression Chanoyu (literally hot water for tea) refers to the tradition of preparing and serving powdered green tea. The art of Chanoyu combines elements that include different stylistic and etiquette elements. Through Chanoyu, a cup of tea is shared as a symbol of generosity, self-awareness and respect for nature. If you want to make matcha the traditional way, you need a complete matcha set. To prepare foamy green Japanese tea, several utensils are needed: the chawan (tea bowl), the chasen (bamboo whisk), and the chashaku (matcha scoop). A complete matcha set also consists of a furui (tea strainer) and kusenaoshi (chasen holder).


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