The cultivation of Guranse Emerald Green takes place on one of the highest tea estates in the world, at around 3,000 meters in Nepal.

The Himalayan winds coming from Mount Everest arrive in the bushes, and the plants give delicate, twisted leaves. Hence the Guranse Emerald Green, a refreshing green tea, with an intense aroma between vegetable and fruity notes (plum). It is slightly astringent, full-bodied on the palate and sweet on the sip, with a soft character and notes of "muscat" flavor, incomparable with any other tea.

Organic Guranse Emerald Green Tea: properties and benefits

This Nepalese tea has a high level of antioxidants, and is ideal for obtaining the benefits of organic green tea, which retains all the properties of the leaves.

The polyphenols contained in green tea help our well-being with their anti-aging properties, and can also support proper purification.

The antioxidant bioactive components such as flavonoids and green tea catechins, protect our cells, reduce the formation of free radicals in the body. An action that prevents damage to the molecules due to aging and various external factors (pollution, stress, bad diet, etc.).

In particular, green tea retains more antioxidants than other types of tea, making available the catechin that shows the greatest increase in green tea, EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate ).

As a stimulus for the nervous system, green tea contains theine (caffeine), which works by improving mood, attention and concentration. The amount of theine is balanced by the amino acid component L-theanine, which simultaneously relaxes; for a stimulating and energetic effect but not too exciting or harmful to the cardiovascular system.

An advantage for taking an energy drink but without increasing blood pressure.

Furthermore, green tea helps our metabolism burn excess fat – using it as "fuel" for the functioning of the body, if it is combined with a correct diet.

This Nepalese tea, in particular, also promotes the detox effect of green tea, useful when you want to purify the body and lose weight.

In ancient times, green tea was used to purify and fight bacteria in the digestive system and oral cavity.

Organic green tea from Nepal embodies these healthy properties of the plant, with a smooth and pleasant taste.

Origins and History of cultivation

This green tea is born in Nepal, between the highest mountains in the world and a climate that can vary depending on the height. From snow-capped peaks to tropical plains, the Nepalese landscape offers spectacular variety, which is also useful for tea cultivation.

Teas from the area close to the Himalayas have been aromatic and famous since they were grown and tasted.

In 1842, a Chinese emperor had given the then prime minister of Nepal a variety of tea seeds, to be able to start a particular cultivation.

Already in 1843 Colonel Thapa started plantations in the eastern districts of the country. Since then, Nepal has become one of the best tea producing countries in the world.

Guranse tea is one of the most prized qualities, coming from a tiny cultivation area but offering high quality leaves, in limited availability. In fact, traditional Nepalese tea is considered one of the best in the world but it is not easy to obtain it outside its borders.

Guranse estate tea is born on the green hills of the city of Hile, in the Dhankuta district in eastern Nepal.

The estate is taken care of by small Nepalese farmers, who collect the leaves and work them, in an area located at an altitude between 1000 and 2200 meters above sea level. Guranse is probably the highest tea garden in the world!

They produce very small, bright green tea leaves, tightly rolled, with silver tips. Thus they are born from the combination of shade, sun and rain and are selected among the youngest and purest.

Green tea goes through careful processes to bl


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