SHELLED ALMONDS: properties, benefits:

Almonds so rich in properties, they are good if eaten regularly (even if associated with other dried fruit) because they contribute to extending life by keeping diseases like diabetes away , cancer and cardiovascular problems. In fact, some studies have shown that this dried fruit is full of properties and able to keep blood sugar and hunger at bay, with many benefits.
The effect on blood sugar and on the sense of satiety is also excellent. In addition, almonds are rich in Omega 3, essential essential fatty acids for heart health and beyond. Thanks to the presence of these good fats, almonds also have strong anti-inflammatory qualities and are also rich in antioxidant substances that counteract free radicals.
Almonds are also a valid ally in case of constipation and intestinal laziness.

To obtain this reactivating and purifying effect, especially in winter for a snack used to eating a jar of natural white yogurt and without sugar with a dozen pounded almonds and, if you like, a teaspoon of raw honey: stock up on fibers, enzymes and enzymes, clean the mucous membrane of the intestine and forfeit precious calcium for the bones.
The presence Potassium also helps to keep blood pressure levels low, thanks also to a very low amount of Sodium.
Properties of almonds against free radicals The presence of fibers, on the other hand (the greatest among all dried fruit), facilitates intestinal motility and helps to fight constipation and constipation. Almonds strengthen teeth, bones and fight anemia.


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