Let's refresh ourselves with a Matcha iced latte!

Let's refresh ourselves with a Matcha iced latte!

Have you ever tasted an iced latte? It is not a milkshake or a smoothie, but literally a cold latte macchiato...made even more delicious with a splash of cocoa or other delicious toppings, or with the addition of dried fruit. But today we will not talk about the "classic" version with espresso coffee, but about the matcha tea-based variant... and more.

How to make an iced matcha latte:

To prepare your cold matcha latte, you can use both vegetable and animal milk, based on your tastes and diet. woman need a good matcha tea powder, ice cubes, warm water, your favorite milk, honey or other sweetener (but the taste is pleasant to the palate even plain).

Pour two teaspoons of matcha tea powder into a small bowl and slowly add the warm water. If you don't have a chasen at home, you can use an electric milk frother instead. Blend until the mixture is smooth and free of lumps. If you want to sweeten it, we recommend adding honey (or something else) while mixing the matcha powder. Take a sufficiently large glass, add the ice cubes, the milk and slowly pour in the matcha tea. Your frozen matcha will be ready to enjoy.

Prepare a blue iced matcha

It is now common to call it blue matcha, but what we are referring to is not a particular variant of the famous Japanese tea, it is butterfly pea powder which will allow you to obtain an equally refreshing, pleasant and spectacular milk with ice.
The procedure to follow is identical, you will have to dissolve 2 teaspoons of butterfly pea powder (or a level spoon) in warm water, add the milk and ice cubes.

Both proposed versions can also be prepared during the cold season, using hot/warm milk.

As always, pay attention to the temperature of the water you will use to dissolve your tea powder, it must never be excessively hot, not even in the "winter" version so as not to alter the taste and properties of the two teas.