This year too, the usual appointment with the International Tea Day established by the FAO returns on May 21st. The event has been celebrated worldwide for almost twenty years now (the first edition was in fact in 2005).
The choice had initially fallen on the date of 15 December, but in 2018 it was decided to proceed with a change, due to the poor connection between the life and harvesting cycle of tea with the month of December.
It was therefore preferred to move the event to a late spring date: May 21st.
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Why establish a world tea day

Tea has been part of our daily practices for over 5000 years, at the center of moments of conviviality, ritual and well-being, a means of sustenance at the center of the economies of many countries and in small towns, for which the cultivation of tea represents the main activity and in some cases a means for emancipation.
The event aims on the one hand to promote the culture and knowledge of tea and on the other to raise awareness of environmental problems and promote more ethical and sustainable production for future generations.

The event scheduled for May 21, 2024

A hybrid event is planned for International Tea Day, which will take place partly in person and partly online, via video conference (from 9:00 to 11:00 Italian time).
The event FAO Director General QU Dongyu will be chaired, the central topic of the 2024 edition will also be the role played by women in the tea and coffee production sector. The claim of the video conference will in fact be "Honouring women around the world, from crop to cup".
For the occasion, at the Sheikh Zayed International Media and Knowledge Center in Rome, an exhibition will also be set up in the atrium of the venue with tea and coffee tastings.

If you are interested in following the event online or would like to find out more about the event, you can do so by visiting the official page on the FAO website: