Which spices (and not only) to use to flavor pancakes

Which spices (and not only) to use to flavor pancakes

Tasty, nutritious and also light (with due care), pancakes are a very valid alternative to start the day with a good and healthy breakfast. A traditional breakfast dish in the USA and beyond, they are now appreciated all over the world, served for breakfast, for brunch, sweet and savory. They can be prepared in many variations, even flavored with spices.

The most used spices in pancakes:

Delicious, dietary or protein-rich, with or without eggs, prepared with legume flour and in a vegan version, pancakes can be prepared in many ways, simple or spicy.
In recipes for sweet pancakes, the most popular are cinnamon and ginger powder, to a lesser extent vanilla, but we also recommend trying them with anise if you appreciate the taste.

For savory pancakes, the most used spices are turmeric, curry, chili pepper and, as in the sweet version, ginger which lends itself well to both combinations, such as ground cloves and nutmeg. Furthermore, in the savory version you can combine them with many delicious spicy sauces that are easy to prepare at home.

Hints for garnishing your spicy pancakes

To tastefully garnish your spicy pancakes... give free rein to your imagination and experiment with new flavours, from dried fruit to oilseeds and why not... even edible flowers, you can prepare excellent pancakes using buds of rose, marigold flowers, orange, acacia, elderberry, dianthus and more.