The spices needed to cook pulled pork

The spices needed to cook pulled pork

Have you ever tasted pulled pork? A spicy indulgence that is worth indulging in, perhaps ideal for a summer dinner with friends. Spices play a key role in this recipe! Let's see together what are necessary to prepare the perfect homemade mix.

Let's start with the basics, first of all let's try to explain what pulled pork is for those who don't know the dish, one of the most appreciated by barbecue lovers.

The recipe comes from the USA, the dish is in fact typical of North Carolina, literally translated the name of the dish means "pulled pork", a name that gives an idea of ​​the appearance of the meat, but certainly does not do justice to its taste in Italian intense and with a particular consistency, due to careful preparation, the right mix of spices and slow cooking, done to perfection.
The meat to prepare the pulled pork (choose the cut carefully, shoulder is usually recommended).
We tried to prepare it with the recipe

The spices to use to flavor pulled pork

To flavor meat, you will need:

Approximately 30 g of smoked paprika
20 g of cane sugar
15 g of salt
15 g of garlic powder
half a spoonful of black pepper
half a spoonful of chilli powder
half a spoonful of onion powder
half a spoonful of chipotle pepper
half a spoonful of cayenne pepper
2g of cumin
2g of mustard powder
(for each kilo of meat to be flavoured).

How about? Have we tempted you? It will take time and work, but when you taste it you will tell yourself that it was worth it.