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The penetrating aroma of vanilla blends with the enveloping scent of rum, in a refined blend with a delicate, soft taste, perfect for summer.

This well-balanced flavor infusion gives a strong aroma that is sweetened by the notes of vanilla.

The beneficial qualities of the elderberries , combined with the other ingredients, make up an excellent thirst-quenching infusion: ideal for a regenerating break in long afternoons of summer.

Rum and vanilla infusion: properties and benefits

This herbal tea has several resources for our well-being. Some components benefit the circulatory system, while others support the immune system. In addition, it is an excellent resource for hormonal balancing.

In terms of circulation, the good levels of antioxidants of this infusion, including elderberries and blackberries, could potentially increase the well-being of blood vessels and capillaries. The flavonoids contained in the elderberry plant act with a vasodilator effect, useful both as an expectorant in case of colds, and to improve peripheral blood circulation.

These effects are enhanced by the similar characteristics of blackberry, which promotes the production of nitric oxide, a hormone that stimulates vasodilation. Both elderberry and blackberry are sources of minerals for the proper functioning of blood circulation, such as potassium, magnesium and manganese.

Elderberries, in the infusion blend, are a resource as elements full of antioxidants and vitamins. They can strengthen the immune system, also joining the vitamin C of strawberries and hibiscus.

The other element of the infusion, vanilla gives calming qualities but also a natural hormonal stimulant. The consumption of vanilla is recommended for those who want to rebalance the female and male hormones.

vanillin , a substance contained in vanilla, is one of the active ingredients of this plant. It can stimulate the hormone oxytocin, which helps the onset of menstruation, and soothes premenstrual symptoms such as mood swings, swelling, fatigue.

In addition, vanilla contains magnesium, which is useful for controlling mood changes.

The substances contained in vanilla stimulate estrogen and testosterone, also bringing benefits to libido and sexual activity. Historically, vanilla was considered an aphrodisiac, which incites desire and aids performance.

Origins and History of cultivation

Vanilla is a plant that probably has the territories of Mesoamerica - Mexico, Guatemala, Antilles as its native land. According to other researches, it was also present in Java and Madagascar.

Today there are about 150 species known all over the world and very well known are Indian vanilla, Bourbon, Tahiti .

Known for its aroma, it was used as incense by native Mexicans, and over time it has been regarded as a valuable nutrient.

By now this plant has a great commercial value, the greatest in the world after saffron; in particular, costs are high for vanilla varieties from Madagascar, Mexico, Indonesia and Tahiti.

Vanilla is an agricultural product that requires a lot of work and is therefore expensive. The entire process of growing and harvesting the vanilla is done by hand, without using machinery, fertilizers or pesticides.

Its flavor gives intensity to many foods, and recalls tropical origins with a “mysterious” note. For this reason, vanilla is very popular in perfumery for its charm and in aromatherapy for its calming effect.

The aromas of rum are precious for the enveloping taste, and derive from this liqueur.

Most rums are distilled from fermented molasses or from the fresh juice of sugar cane (ingredient of the best rums). Depending on how it is aged, rum comes in a white, golden or dark variety.

This liqueur was born in the French Caribbean, where most of the distilleries are based, but today it is also produced in the Dominican Republic, Mauritius and Réunion, which have strong historical ties with France.

Plant and flowers

Vanilla Planifolia belongs to the Orchidaceae family.

Born from the long seeds of an orchid, this variety was born which represents the only one with the edible fruit of the entire family.

It grows best in humid and tropical regions of the world, as a climber up to about 12-15 meters in height. Only two species - Vanilla planifolia and Vanilla tahitensis - are grown for commercial use as a flavoring or perfume.

The fruit of the plant is the one that gives the aromatic principles: if it remains on the plant and ferments, the pod gives its smell.

Elderberry refers to several varieties of the Sambucus tree, a flowering plant in the Adoxaceae family. The most common type is Sambucus nigra, also known as European elderberry or black elderberry.

Grows to about 9 meters in height, features small white or cream colored flowers known as elderflower. Give berries in small black or blue-black clusters. Other varieties include American elderberry, dwarf elderberry, blue elderberry, Danish, and red-fruited elderberry.

Hibiscus (Hibiscus) is a flowering plant of the Malvaceae family, which includes hundreds of species, native to warm temperate, subtropical and tropical regions. The large-flowered species are used to dry the hibiscus petals, which give their beneficial properties.

The strawberry comes from the Fragaria plant, part of the rose family - Rosaceae. The shrub produces succulent, red fruit, and tiny white flowers. There are many species of strawberries, as well as numerous hybrid strawberries and cultivar varieties. The most cultivated species is Fragaria x Ananassa, also called garden strawberry.

The blackberry, the bramble fruit with the scientific name Rubus Fruticosus L. It belongs to the large family of Rosaceae, and grows spontaneously in Mediterranean countries as a perennial, thorny and climbing plant. From the woody foliage of the arched and entangling stems, it shows the classic blackberry groves.

Nutritional values ​​of the rum and vanilla infusion

Vanilla makes available different nutrients such as vitamins and minerals . Contains manganese, copper, iron, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B2, vitamin B3 and vitamin B6.

Elderberries contain mineral salts and vitamins A, C, of ​​the B complex.

Vitamin C values ​​are also enhanced by strawberries, blackberries and hibiscus flowers.

How to use the ingredients in the herbal tea

The infusion is obtained by putting the mixture of vanilla and rum aroma in a cup (250 ml), about 3-5 grams, with water at 100 ° C. Leave to infuse for 10 to 12 minutes, before drinking the infusion.

Add honey or sugar if desired.

Rum and vanilla infusion: side effects and contraindications

The vanilla component could cause headaches and excessive sleepiness.

Strawberries can be a source of allergic reactions and are histamine-liberating foods; therefore it is good to evaluate the consumption of this herbal tea for those with histamine allergy.

Excessive consumption of fruit-based herbal teas can cause diarrhea and nausea, so it is important to respect the recommended doses.

Furthermore, no data regarding safety during pregnancy or during breastfeeding are known.

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