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The porcelain mug reserves you an experience of taste and aesthetics while you sip your tea or herbal tea. The motif inspired by Japanese culture and the bright colors are combined with the comfort of double-walled ceramic. The cup is structured for a dual function: the first internal ceramic keeps drinks warm for longer, the second external one keeps it warm - pleasant to hold in the hand, even without the handle. To increase internal thermal insulation, it is also equipped with a porcelain lid included, which retains heat and keeps the drink at a constant temperature.

Teacup with basket filter diffuser

Together with the tea cup you will also find a large stainless steel strainer included, with a detailed, elegant perforation and with small holes, to better filter the tea leaves or the ingredients of the infusions. The colander manages to insert the ingredients easily inside the mug. For convenience, the diffuser filter is equipped with a copper handle, and is wide: it allows you to insert several leaves or ingredients into the basket. Once the necessary time has elapsed, the filter can be removed and placed on the lid of the porcelain cup. The colander is made of stainless steel, a food-safe material that guarantees a long life over time.
This mug with filter is easy to prepare, and allows the correct diffusion to enhance the flavor and aroma of each tea or herbal tea.

The oriental design of the porcelain mug

The style of the porcelain mug is inspired by Japan, representing the geisha, a symbol linked to the tea ritual in the Rising Sun. The decoration shows on three different colours, an elegant geisha with delicate reliefs, also on the lid. The tea ceremony was historically held in tea houses by geishas, who received guests accompanying the ritual with conversations, dances and music from traditional Japanese culture. The shades available for the cup with Geisha cone light blue, pink and red - each version also changes the reliefs and motifs of the design.
The high quality and multicolored print creates bright and intense colors on the porcelain, and the special finish increases the experience of refined aesthetics. A particular workmanship makes some details tactile, giving a velvety softness to the touch. The design becomes tangible, with some details raised on the smooth surface and others more opaque. It engages all the senses as you sip your tea, with an Asian design perfect for Japanese tea time. The style of the porcelain mug matches minimalist furnishings and oriental-inspired design, and gives an original touch to classic living rooms. The perfect mug for receiving guests at tea time, for a moment of relaxation or a break in the office. A gift idea for friends who love Japan and tea, the herbal tea ritual and hot drinks: it comes in a pleasant gift box.
The capacity of the porcelain mug is about 350 ml with a height of about 13 cm. For proper maintenance, the thermal mug and lid can be hand washed in warm water, and are not suitable for the dishwasher – only the diffuser filter can be washed in the appliance. The porcelain mug cannot be placed in the microwave.

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