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100g water lilies tin can

The round tin container keeps tea leaves, dried ingredients for herbal teas and infusions airtight. Thanks to its well resealable lid, it guarantees the integrity of the content and protects it from humidity, heat and air. The floral-inspired design is available in two colours, pink and blue, evoking the typical shades of the world of water lilies, already reproduced in the masterpieces of early twentieth-century painting

. For those looking for tea canisters with particular patterns, these containers show a symbol of purity and beauty, special and perfect flowers for tea time. This elegant round tea box features patterns on the smooth surface and highlighted edges, which makes the container beautifully detailed.

The tea jar is made with high quality tin, suitable for containing food, and worked with opaque, velvety effects and softness to the touch, thanks to a special lacquering. To best preserve your tea or herbal teas, remember that only dried and dry contents should be stored (otherwise the tin is subject to corrosion). The tea container is easy to clean with a light wipe of slightly warm water or degreasing products suitable for tins and food; without long rinses or dishwashers.

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